Suggested Stories, Reprints and Quotes For Smith

Suggested Story Ideas

  • Steve Smith Sr. feature – His Baltimore experience in one year
  • Injury recap – Smith has been badly injured multiple times throughout his professional career. Find out the player’s healing process, what does it take for him to mentally and physically get back into the game?
  • Post-retirement angle
  • Panthers journey – What was it like to transition from a team of more than 10 years to a new one?
  • No. 89 – Is there a story behind the number?



John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens head coach:

  • “I would’t part with him.” (Smith being traded after week 8 injury)
  • “I have a feeling Steve Smith will be back,” Harbaugh said, according to ESPN. “I love him, respect him, admire him. I told him that. That’s the kind of man he is, and he’ll be back.”
  • “Hey, this guy isn’t as young as he used to be, but he’s a real professional.”

Ron Rivera, Panthers Coach

  • “I mean that, too. He’s been such a great player in this league for as long as he has been. I’ve said it before, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the first players from this organization to make the Hall of Fame.” (Rivera on Smith’s injury this season)

Chad Johnson, former NFL player and long-time friend of Smith’s

  • “He’s one of the best, most definitely, at what he does,” Ochocinco said. “I’m looking forward to watching him. I’ve said it before and I’ve tweeted about it.”

Angie Smith, Smith’s wife and mother of their four children

  • No matter where you’re playing football I love you. When you’re not playing anymore, I’ll still love you. When we are old, wrinkly and you’re (still) bald and I’m all gray, I’ll love you even more. We have been through a lot together, and by God’s grace and our perseverance we have beat so many odds! I’m with you and for you, I’ll always be on your team. Love you to Jesus and back – ACE (Social media post when Smith announced his retirement)

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens quarterback

  • “He makes it very known what kind of personality he has, and he makes it very known what kind of player he is, because he goes out there and plays so well every week,” Flacco said with a smile.
  • “Obviously, you guys can see what [Smith] does out there and what he presents for defenses,” Flacco said Monday morning at Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary. “Not only for himself, but I think he opens things up for other guys. It’ll definitely be an adjustment for us, and guys are going to have to step up.”
  • “Just his natural ability to catch the ball with his hands,” Flacco said. “He catches everything with his hands, and he does a great job doing it.”



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